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PLATO - Innovation for Learning
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The University designed plagiarism tutorial.
Plagiarism is a hot topic in both the specialist and the general media, not least because IT (and the Web in particular) offers students more opportunities to plagiarise than ever before.
In response to the need to educate students on what Plagiarism is and how to avoid it, the University of Derby developed a software product called PLATO and it is now being used by many Universities and Colleges throughout the UK.
PLATO helps students develop practical skills in referencing and promotes reflection on the attitudes, behaviours and situations which may lead to plagiarism. PLATO is unique in its focus on active prevention rather than deterrence and complements the institutional use of plagiarism detection software.
PLATO makes no assumptions about prior knowledge and gives learners a common grounding in basic principles regardless of discipline studied, previous background or educational level. It deals with basic definitions, problem situations and the consequences of plagiarism in student, professional and public life. It also develops skills in basic referencing through onscreen practice and feedback.
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